Website Compliance

VGlobalTech team is trained and well aware of ADA and WCAG 2.0 Compliance guidelines. We take pride in ensuring that the websites we create are built as per W3C standards in the first place. It is critical for webdesign companies to understand what they are doing before trying to implement web technology. The cheaper websites that look shiny and cool may haunt the customers in the long-term because the foundation of these mom-and-pop website is flaky in the first place!!!

ADA and WCAG Compliance is a complex topic and there are several technical details that need to be adhered to. Above all the developers that work on these compliance tasks need to have passion for the work and understand the social value of the compliance. We believe that by making websites compliant we are helping our fellow citizens that have some form of disability that prevents them from utilizing tools that normal users can and need special help in getting value out of the assets and services online. The social responsibility of this task is greater than we can imagine. We are enabling business value realization for everyone that needs it, without obstacles and barriers. In this sense compliance is a noble task in itself. Let us work for you.

Let the VGlobalTech team ensure that your online presence is not only compliant but exceeds expectations by delivering value to your users.

Please review the assets VGlobalTech team has developed below. Thank you for the opportunity.

For Compliance Standards VGlobalTech has developed the following tools / software and resources:

ADA Checklist

Compliance Proposal

Check ADA Compliance