Information Vs Noise – ALL Data Is NOT Everything!

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In today’s world it is extremely important to be able to distinguish between data that can be turned into useful information and data that is just useless or even worse misinformation. Ability of our current data data engineers and data scientists to be able to make this distinction depends on how well they understand the data and the domain in the first place. Just because data scientists know a lot of machine learning algorithms and AI techniques and tools does not mean those can be applied to any and all data. Feature sets definitions are critical. Today just holding back data is not enough but being able to control misinformation is equally paramount!

The connected world can truly bring a lot of medical, scientific, biological and social advantages to human-life enrichment but we must be equally aware that the same connectedness can bring chaos, unscientific believes, superbugs, and anxiety to spread like wild-fire.

Be aware of your online presence and how your customers perceive your brand at all times. Stop misinformation about your brand and help people know what value your company brings to them! Let the experts at handle your online presence. We got your back!

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