FAQ: What are the key features of the VGT Document Converter? Answer by VGlobalTech’s CEO VB Joshi

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FAQ: What are the key features of the VGT Document Converter? Answer by VGlobalTech's CEO VB Joshi

VGlobalTech’s CEO VB Joshi answers a Frequently Asked Questions on accessibility.

Question: “What are the key features of the VGlobalTech Document Converter?”

Answer: VGlobalTech Document Conversion has a number of unique features. Number one the software converts documents in an extremely fast manner. Our turnaround time for document conversion to ADA compatible formats is less than 24 hours. VGlobalTech does not charge by per page document conversion. There is no limit to how many documents you can convert using our unique software! The software is meant to do what is called: Optical Character Recognition OCR, that lets your document converted into highly accurate compatible formats. The document conversion software can be run in a batch mode, where the user simply puts the documents that they want converted into a folder, come back after an hour or so and all the documents are converted and kept in the same folder in an ADA compatible format. These documents then can be easy uploaded to your website. The digital document conversion software is included, free of cost with our monthly maintenance contract.

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