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work from home practices posterBest work from home practices

Remote work has been rampant the past few months due to this pandemic. In some cases, it is hard to maintain productivity in the same place that you seek comfort in. This can snowball into more problematic habits such as having a poor sense of boundaries between your life and work or simply affecting your work mood. 

While working remotely, it is important to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, ensure that you are taking care of your responsibilities and yourself. Thankfully, there are multiple tools for communication in technology, not just written, that can help you connect with other people, your teammates, as well as yourself. Here are some of the best remote work practices that VGlobalTech has been using in order to stay grounded!

  1. Creating productive habits
    • Working from home may lead you to think that you should be working 24/7. As humans, it is nearly impossible to stay focused 100% of the time as the cognitive load of certain tasks can be very taxing. That is why it is important to step away from the computer every once in a while to simulate the natural breaks that an office environment creates. Maybe talk a walk to the kitchen to grab something to drink or a snack. Go outside and enjoy the sunlight for a few minutes before going back to work. The work from home mentality that you should be productive 100% of the time leads to burnout and can be very unhealthy. 
  2. Boundaries between work life and home life
    • The fine line of work and life can become harder and harder to see the longer we work from home. Questions you may be asking yourself is, what if I get an email or message after I am off the clock? You definitely don’t want to ignore the important message but what can you do? Disconnecting from your computer and living more presently has done wonders for the longevity of productive workers and their mental health. The best way to work is when you want to work, that’s where everyone shines! VGlobalTech isn’t telling you to ignore that important message, but it is important to use your judgement when taking time for yourself. Additionally, it is even more crucial to step away from technology every once and awhile and enjoy the weather. 
  3. Socialize and connect with friends and family
    • Everyone has been there. You snuggle up on the couch with your favorite blanket and tune into your favorite TV show. Just the comfort alone could keep you there for days on end, making you forget that there is a life outside of your home. Unfortunately, this pandemic has made it hard to experience all of life but that does not mean that you should exclude yourself from everything that isn’t in your home. While working from home, getting comfortable and working in your pj’s is a common practice – causing us to forget about our social lives or really just doing things for ourselves. With this, VGlobalTech makes a point to remain active and visit close friends and family under CDC social distancing rules. Schedule a group workout at your local park with close friends and family, that way you are able to remain 6 feet apart and still interact with one another. Another form of socializing can take shape in having lunch or dinner, meeting up to watch a movie, or creating a in-person community with other remote workers.
  4. Make your responsibilities clear with your teammate
    • The worst feeling is putting your effort and energy into an assignment only to find out that someone else has already taken care of it. When working remotely, you lose the casual setting of a work environment where co-workers can just walk up to each other and tell one another that they are taking responsibility for a task. Tools like Trello and using the Agile development method help aid in the process of task delegation, however, it is still important to practice clear and concise communication with your team members to avoid wasting time and resources. When working on a project, start defining responsibilities with your team and be sure to communicate via a group messaging service which task you are working on. 
  5. Maintain your healthy and be sure to take care of yourself
    • The work from home lifestyle is very promoting of a lifestyle where you don’t have to ever leave your seat at its worst. In moderation, most remote workers will take a walk around their homes only to find themselves back in their office chair yet again. While working remote, it is important to change your lifestyle routine to include some form of daily exercise. Do something that gets you out of the house and promotes healthy habits. Whether that be meditating with the windows open, going for a walk, or visiting your local grocery store, be sure to get up from your desk and visit the other things life has to offer. Spending time away from work, especially outside, can be extremely beneficial to your mental health and longevity. 

If there are any more techniques or practices that you would like to know about, VGlobalTech is here to help. Always feel free to reach out.

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