Changes in Web Design 2022

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Web design is an ever-changing aspect of the online world. But, keeping up with each trend ensures that your company will stand out amongst numerous “dated” sites. Throughout the years, there have been new improvements in web design trends that you may have noticed.

The first being neutral designs and colors. This has been an up and coming trend that we have seen, not only in the world of web design. Many companies have opted for this neutral color palette to create a clean, organized look. This has led to many tans, browns, whites, and blacks to be used in order to achieve a website that is “aesthetically pleasing”. 

Another trend you may have seen websites use is engaging interactive elements. This creative touch makes the site look attractive to the viewer. It keeps the user engaged and interested in the content for longer. This trend also gives your website character and allows for a level of curiosity that was not there before.

Lastly, visible borders have made a comeback and for all the right reasons. This trend adds a “clean” look to any website. It also provides a realistic touch that, when paired with other new web design trends, creates a 90’s feel. 

2022 has been a year for expansion and an outburst of creativity. This has allowed the web design world to become more expressive and competitive with how each company differentiates themselves. With each new trend, VGlobalTech is here to help your business create the website you will love. 


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