FAQ: How long to get my website ADA Compliant? Answer by VGlobalTech’s CEO VB Joshi

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VGlobalTech’s CEO VB Joshi answers Frequently Asked Questions on accessibility

Question: “How long will it take to get my website ADA Compliant?”

Answer: A typical website takes anywhere from one week to three weeks to get fully compliant.  VGlobalTech’s first step is to run a thorough check on what is wrong with the current website and what needs to be done to ensure all the WCAG and ADA stipulations are met.  After that process, our team engages meticulously to go through each and every point and ensures that they are remediated. This process takes about a couple of days. There is a review process that ensues after the technical remediation and we review the site along with the CDD managers the school and/or the city personnel. Working together with your team we can ensure that all the content is proper, and it is ADA compliant. From end to end it is about a 2-3 week process.

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