How has COVID-19 changed our mediums of communication?

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How has COVID-19 changed our mediums of communication?

As we’ve all been experiencing, 2020 has marked a global shift in the way that people around the world have been living their lives. Forced to adapt and change the norm that we used to find comfort in, we as humans have adapted to the circumstances and found new ways to live our lives. Whether that be remembering to bring a face mask in addition to our phone, wallet, and keys; plus any additional items one might carry, or ritually sanitizing our hands and shoes whenever we walk into our private homes. The change has came and we have learned new habits.

To answer the question:

COVID-19 has changed our definition of human to human interaction on a more fundamental level. Everything is digital and it seems that those who are concerned are taking the necessary caution and consideration when it comes to the spread or contraction of this disease.

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