SMO Business Power Boost Part 1

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Hello everyone, this is VB Joshi, the SEO/SMO Lead at VGlobalTech.  The importance of Social Media Marketing has grown over the past few years and it has now become absolutely necessary to invest time and money in optimizing your social media strategy. Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a special branch of the Search Engine Optimization  (SEO) strategy. I wanted to create a mini-series of posts on the VGlobalTech Blog to explain how the importance of social media in today’s business world has grown over time. I will go through Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+. It will be in 3 parts (I will combine the last 3 into a single blog post because they work in similar ways), with a post each week.

I will go into detail about each platform and give you an idea of how each website works and, more importantly, how it can work for you! If you have any specific questions about social media you would like covered in these posts, feel free to leave questions and topic in the comments below.

Email us at or call 321-947-7777 to speak with a local SEO / SMO expert.

To become successful at social media marketing there are a few things to accept and understand. First, I reiterate, you won’t be able to reach everyone. This is a feet to large for small businesses. Not even multi-billion dollar industries can do that. Second, aim toward small goals and but have your master plan in mind. It is always good to keep your end goal and plan in mind, but make sure you break this plan down and create smaller goals. Third, slow down, these things take time. Building your social media presence has wonderful results, but it does take quite a bit of time and dedication.

This is where companies like VGlobalTech come to the rescue. Only about 30% of businesses outsource their social media marketing to third party experts. By using an expert you can effectively grow your fan base and traffic the proper way with quality content, enough time, and dedication. We have the knowledge that most don’t and can use your social media accounts to optimize your social media marketing strategy. When done by an expert, 91% of people saw an increase in traffic from their social media marketing. Learn more about our social media optimization service here.

But, no matter how you manage to do it, social media marketing is one of the most lucrative and rewarding ways to advertise your company and get awareness of your brand name out and about to the 2 billion accounts on the webs. 25% of people are more likely to look into a company with a social media presence. Don’t take this for granted and get going on building a social media presence for your business today.

Like the first part of this series? There are 3 more parts to go, share your thoughts in the comments below, and share this post on your social media accounts.

Part 1: Intro to General Social Media

Part 2: Twitter

Part 3: Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn

Part 4: Pinterest

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