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Come on guys, who does not like free stuff!!! The internet has revolutionized who can buy what. The term Customer Relationship Management has a new definition today. The 1-on-1 communication channels have been replaced by 1-to- (infinity), where once a solution is posted it can be used by as many people as needed. I mean who would want to solve the same problems anyway. From the customer point of view too it makes sense to see others have used the solution and have the confidence that it will work for their problem.

So I am talking about blogs and forums that have existed for ages but due to socail media awareness have gained immese popularity in last 3-4 years. I always look for how many “facebook likes” an article, blog post etc has before even reading a line from it!!

Time is money and Social media gurantees the best bang for your buck (time) by the sheer virtue of enormous outreach and access. The SoMeEffect (Social Media Effect) is tremendous.

I’ll talk about how you can get started very easily (steps 1-2-3) next time. Until then…..go socialize!!!

Written By VGlobalTech – Chief Executive Spider – Vb Joshi.

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