VGlobalTech Software Development Team tries to provide practical solutions to our customers. The moment our team realized that many HOA’s, Condos, Community Districts, Government office teams need to upload ADA compatible documents (RTF, HTML) to the websites, we got together and decided to provide a unique document conversion software. Following are the features we developed.

VGlobalTech Document Converter Features:

  • Easily install on your workstation
  • Drop files to be converted in to a folder
  • Single or Multiple documents can be converted
  • No manual intervention required
  • Un-monitored / Scheduled Auto Conversion
  • Converted Documents kept in destination folder
  • 99% Conversion Accuracy
  • Fast Conversion (about 30 seconds / document of about 30 pages)
  • Convert hundreds of documents in to ADA compatible formats – Hassle-Free
  • Unique Software that solves a real problem
  • Included for FREE in VGlobalTech’s Annual Maintenance Contract

VGT Document Converter - Simple User Interface

VGlobalTech Document Converter
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