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Email Marketing

You know the single invention that turbo charged the popularity of the internet – You guessed it right “Email”. Imagine what we would do without email!!! Its the most used mode of communication, its easy, its archive-able, its traceable and its awesome!

So why not use mass email marketing for business growth. Believe it or not businesses have been using it for over a decade now. There is no surprise there! The devil lies in the details, however! One could very well be using mass email to downgrade their own business unknowingly Spam filters are email killers!!! In a good, rather great, way! Businesses must be really cautious not to get stuck in the spam folders, because once that happens and you are flagged, its hard to come out of the rut!

Begin with a strategy to target only the people and businesses that are genuinely interested in your services or products. Do not pester!!! Offer value and most importantly ask before you send and provide a easy way to opt out! These are some basic tips. There are a wealth of techniques and best practices you can implement to see Email Marketing success. This is one tool that you must use to grow your business.

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