Software Development

VGlobalTech Spidey team is writing some groovy code for the last 3 years! We are extremely proud to say that so far we have 2 complete software systems that are being used daily by real people for real-life transactions.
Here is a glimpse of the VGlobalTech Software in action:

1. Facility Renting Vendor and Event Management (FRVEMS)
The FRVEMS application is designed to allow simple, integrated and reliable facility renting, vendor and event management. It is vital for the facilities, hotels, community halls etc to have a consolidated system that allows for renters to setup, manage and publicize their personal, corporate or social events in an efficient manner. The value proposition is to provide renters a complete end to end experience and provide the best service possible. The FRVEMS application allows Vendors to manage their products and services on the event center site. Providers shall be able to gather, store and archive documents, licenses from vendors and be able to retrieve information, manage expiration of licenses etc. in a highly efficient manner. For renters a complete searchable database of vendors shall provide immense value since they will be able to select the vendor of their choice and ensure their events success. Renters shall also be able to review / provide feedback for vendor services; this shall instill accountability on the vendors’ part and overall lead to improved service and quality. Overall the FRVEMS integrated application solution provides utmost value to the residents, renters, and service providers equally.
2. eREG – Complete registration and tracking software for Track & Field, Cross Country and Swimming Meets

eReg was designed by coaches, hosts, and timers to create an online registration experience with no hassles or hoops to jump through. eReg system dashboard allows coaches to manage their season and check entries from upcoming meets with ease. eReg system provides ability to import or export your athlete roster for easy integration. eReg system admins can create, manage meets and enjoy complete control over the meet. meet hosts also have the privileges to control meet settings.

The eReg system can be extended for other type of events like Swimming too. The system has been developed by VGlobalTech for